Chinese, less than 6 square meters of the mountain temple.

 The tower is located in the town of Shaanxi mountain, 35 kilometers southwest of the city, from the Dongping Xikang expressway exit 15 kilometers, the main peak elevation of 1665.8 meters. The mountain more than ten simple and ingenious different kinds of buildings, twenty-five years before the Ming dynasty. In 2003, it was included in the two level cultural relic protection unit of the province. At the Hanging Temple in Shanxi, foreigners are amazed, and this amazing building makes foreigners stare again. Foreign media reports: This is another unbelievable building in China On the tower of Shaanxi Yunshan Maninsan extremely, a less than 6 square meters of Guanyin temple, known as "Qin Chu a column, extremely Taoist temple". The tower Yunshan is also one of the famous Taoist mountains. The buildings of the tower Yunshan were first built in the Ming Dynasty, and the Qing Dynasty has been repaired many times. It has been 500 years old. Guanyin temple is surrounded by the abyss, only a narrow road, located in the mountains, can be described as "extraordinary as if done by the spirits". Jinding Guanyin temple, the world's most dangerous road More than 1600 meters above the top of the top, 6 square meters of the place, is doomed to its extraordinary. The brass top is shining through the sun, flashing thousands of golden light, so there is a golden top. In a time when conditions are not so developed, it is difficult to build up the difficulty. Winter is so beautiful and thrilling. I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.

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